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In Memory of Jesse
(Picture of Jesse in his WSU Vet Med coat made by his mom)

January 1991 - January 30, 2003
Dearly missed by Merrilie Davidson of Pullman, WA

"Jesse was born in January 1991 and raced until the fall of 1995. He came to Washington State University Veterinary Hospital (WSU) from Greyhound Pets, Inc. to be one of their blood donor dogs. This program is run by Dr. Jane Wardrop who also is the area's adoption contact. She made it possible for Jesse to come live with me in the spring of 1996. He immediately took his retirement literally, sleeping in positions I would not have thought possible for a dog that size. He has so much personality. He loved showing off by running laps in the yard or circles in the living room. He loved coming to WSU for his blood draw each month, whining if I had to stop for a red light. He just didn't want to wait to see his good friend Dr. Wardrop, and to get together with the other greyhounds.

On February of 2001, Jesse suffered a stroke. I thought I would lose him that night. Thanks to the efforts of the Drs and students at the WSU Vet Teaching Hospital, he was able to come home after a month of loving care. (He spent afternoons with Dr. Wardrop, sleeping in her office.)

I feel so lucky to have had 2 more years with Jesse. On January 28, 2003, he went in for a check up because he was limping. It turned out to be osteosarcoma. Surgery was not an option due to the prior stroke and its lingering effects. On January 30, 2003, I sat with him on the floor as he went to sleep for the last time. I miss him." - Jesse's mom, Merrilie Davidson

(NOTE: Dogs that are sent to WSU as blood donors go home with the students until they are adopted by the students themselves or by someone else. The dogs are then brought in to WSU periodically to donate blood.)

(UPDATE:  Greyhound Pets, Inc. no longer participates in this blood donor program.)


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