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PEANUT (Tag #2083)
Grandaire Scarlett
8/4/1990 - 8/30/2005
Age 15

Although not originally a GPI dog, she became one. She was flown in on Delta Airlines from Wisconsin on June 2, 1998. This little girl has been a joy to have in our Grey family thru the years.

We assisted our little Peanut this evening to the Bridge. Her body has been giving up for quite a while now but her spirit was high until the past few days. I knew it was time. She is now with her brothers and sister who went before her.

Thank you to Carol for helping bringing this little girl to us many years ago.

Run free and happy Peanut!

Love, Mom and Dad Rocky, Sally, and Charlotte and waiting for Peanut: Katie, Buddy, Burmar, Jerry, Blue and Henry

Submitted by:
Ed and Edie Gutierrez - Olympia, WA

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