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Name:  Rami
Tag No:  4871
Race Name:  Ramirez Martinez
Born:  July 3, 2005
Went to the Rainbow Bridge on August 28, 2008
Dearly missed by everyone at Greyhound Pets, Inc.


Rami came to GPI on July 12, 2008 on a load of dogs from Oklahoma. When she came off the trailer she was supposed to be a white and brindle 80 pound male named Ramirez Martinez. Well it didn't take us long to realize that Rami wasn't an 80 pound male, but rather a petite little white and brindle girl covered in Oklahoma red dirt. We've never been able to unravel the mystery.

Sadly when she was being spayed we discovered an enlarged liver and spleen. After that there followed numerous tests, vet visits and treatments. Ultimately it was discovered that she was heading fast for liver failure with no viable options. With no viable options the kindest thing was to send Rami to the Rainbow Bridge.

Rami endured all the vet visits and treatments with such calm and dignity. Everyone who met her just fell in love with her and she touched many people's hearts.

Rami was with us for just a short time but she was the sweetest little girl.

Good-bye sweet angel.

(Moira Corrigan, GPI President)



I had Rami here one weekend between vet visits. She took to home life readily...doggie door, no problem...couches, no problem...counter surfing, I can do that. One night I felt a dog getting up on the bed. I thought it was Rami trying a new piece of furniture, but no, it was Echo who usually sleeps with me trying to find a space because Rami was already there in a perfect cockroach. Rami later rolled over and fell off the bed (I wish she had more time to practice). She brought joy to all who met her. Have fun at the bridge, Rami.

(Mary Gibbons, GPI volunteer)



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