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In Memory of Shooter

Buger Shooter
June 1989 - February 7, 2003
Dearly missed by Sara Spears, Renton, WA

"Goodbye to my Shooter my best friend. His eyes always said they loved me, with a touch of mischief in them. He taught me to clean off the kitchen counters, or he would. I always marveled at how I could leave a sandwich on the table, turn around once, and it was gone, without a sound! Doors had to be locked or he would open them and help himself to whatever was available. He was forever challenging and entertaining. I could see him thinking all the time but the best part was when I would come home there he was, always happy to see me, and it would make me smile, no matter what had happened during the day. Shooter, you are forever close to me, buried in my heart." - Loved by Sara Spears, Renton, WA

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