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Name:  Skylar
Tag No:  3569
Race Name: Rapido Quick
Born:  August 1997
Went to the Rainbow Bridge on October 27, 2007
Dearly missed by Jackie Hilton


Skylar, our beautiful brindle girl, joined us after we got our first greyhound Hallo Tycoon Man (AKA Tycoon). Tycoon had trouble accepting men into his life and Skylar helped show him that he could trust them. They both bonded immediately upon meeting and were inseparable from that moment forward. There was always a race to the van to see who could get the back seat first. We will have many memories of them both pushing and shoving to see who could win.

Skylar was such a joy to us standing by us when we went through some difficult times. She laid by my husband's bed when he died and stayed by my side when I was having trouble coping. She brought us many years of happiness with her special antics...her snorting when she ran figure eights in our back yard , always trying to bite Tycoon's bum when they were running together, and the way she "Tiggered" in the morning in anticipation of her breakfast.

Skylar had the best ears a greyhound could have. They were so big and stood straight up. Who says greyhounds ears don't stand up? We will miss her bright eyes and deep bark although when she sang she always sang soprano.

Goodbye our precious princess. We will miss you.


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