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Name:  Stuart
Tag No:  4441
Race Name:  PA’s Drivenbeast
Born:  August 23, 2002
Went to the Rainbow Bridge on March 19, 2013
Dearly missed by

Stuart James, born PA's Drivens Beast on August 23rd 2002, went to the Rainbow Bridge on March 19th, 2013 after a bout with bone cancer.

He liked to drink [water], eat everything [regardless of whether he was supposed to], and cuddle you off of the couch. Among the things he fancied were apple cores, little white fluffy dogs, laying out in the sun, and sticking his head in the empty dog food bag to lick all the food dust.

He could look directly into one's soul, read minds, and control others with his big handsome eyes. He had a heart of gold, was great with kids, and he never, ever chewed his food.

A private living funeral was held at Kenmore Park, where Stuart went for a walk, soaked up some sunshine, and ate some grass with a cheeseburger and vanilla ice cream.

He will be missed by our whole family (including the two other greyhounds in his pack) who loved him and who grew stronger through the years by learning how to live with his many quirks. Only those who knew him would fully understand what a true force and unique soul he was. Without him we never would have met each other and formed a wonderful family.

Goodbye Stu, you were a sweet sweet boy and we will never ever forget you.

Love, Mom and Dad (Angela and Jourdan Marshall)



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