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Name:  Tahli
Tag No:  4368
Race Name:  Bob's Shangrila
Born:  August 6, 2000
Went to the Rainbow Bridge on March 27, 2008
Dearly missed by Avril and Michael Broekhuizen


Tahli, we knew from the moment we met you that our special trip across the boarder was worth it, you were clearly 'The One' for us. Your calm and gentle nature and obvious beauty stole our hearts that day, and over time you revealed your playful side and a need for our affection, rivaled only by our need for yours. We remain broken-hearted over the loss of you.

You filled our lives with so much love and joy, and we miss you everyday. The one comfort we take is in knowing that when it is our turn to join you, that you will be there, surely the first to greet us, with excited barks and wagging tail, welcoming us home, once again. I look forward to hugging you in my arms on that day, feeling your soft fur on my cheek, and whispering those familiar words, 'I love you, Monkey.'

Tahli is dearly missed by Michael and Avril Broekhuizen


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