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Name:  Taz
Race Name:  Unknown
Born:  1999
Went to the Rainbow Bridge on January 26, 2009
Dearly missed by Norm and Nicky Friesen


"Taz" (we never knew his track name) adopted us: Norm and Nicola aka "Nicky" Friesen through the late June Harrison in July 2001 at 2 years of age, and has accompanied us through a momentous seven years of our lives (marriages of children, births of grandchildren) and various travels: from Alaska and the North to the deserts of the Southwest.

A Colorado hound, he was a "lean-er", who endeared himself to all who met him - a great ambassador for greyhounds. Supremely gentle too, except for his stuffies who regularly had their necks broken from countless shakings! And so responsible - his only "fault" an incurable love of counter surfing. He conducted these clandestine operations with exquisite finesse and care, rarely spilling a drop from a forgotten leftover or a crumb from a stray piece of toast.

He lost his battle with Gastric Cancer Monday January 26th 2009 after a brief remission full of laughter, love, and light for us. His last wish: a small piece of toast he had noticed on our counter. The eyes said it all. It was lovingly granted by his devoted people who will miss him and love him forever.



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