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Tag No: 2898
Racing Name: Truckkinstein
Born: June 16, 1997
Went to the Bridge on August 5, 2006
Dearly missed by Evelyn and Darrell Zybura

"YOU'RE A GOOD MAN MR TRUCK" as I would always say to Truck. This is in loving memory of TRUCK who was with us from 6-18-97 to 8-5-06.   He will be dearly missed by Darrell and myself as you couldn't go anywhere that he wasn't by your side.

I want to thank Toni Olson for introducing Truck to me. Darrell and I adopted Truck on Valentines Day of 2000. It was love at first sight and Truck took to us immediately.

I had two beds for Truck, one in the TV room and one by my side of the bed. Let me see now...that lasted a few days and he would start out on his bed on the floor next to me and wait until I was asleep and then sneak up on the bed beside me with his head on my pillow, me in the middle and Darrell hanging off the bed. Each morning we would say, "Thats not going to happen again tonight."  I can't tell you how much money I put into really nice dog beds that he walked by and sniffed.

Then in February of 2002 we adopted Ruckus and this was another love at first sight. Ruckus wasted no time sneaking up on the bed. The first night right along with Truck, so it was Ruckus at the foot of the bed, Truck beside me, I am in the middle in the fetal position and Darrell hanging off the bed.

I haven't had a good nights sleep since Trucks passing.   I will always love my adopted son!!!

Evelyn Zybura

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