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Name:  Wade
Tag No:  3523
Race Name:  Iowa Wade
Born:  May 24, 1999
Went to the Rainbow Bridge on December 22, 2009
Dearly missed by Wayne and Sandra Rafferty


When we arrived at Greyhound Pets , Inc. in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho some eight years ago, our hearts went out to all the beautiful dogs who had been recently rescued from an Arizona track. Each dog peered out to us from within the confinement of its private wire kennel. Curiously there was one dog, with the name of Wade, who was left to roam freely about the room. He was unquestionably the worst looking dog of the group because of his extreme thinness and sparseness of hair. As we wandered among the caged dogs attempting to decide which dog would join our family, Wade began pacing back and forth between my son, my husband and myself. With each encounter, he would rub his head against our leg and look up with eyes tenderly pleading for our affection in return. And so began our journey with the most loving of beings, our Wade dog. How can words describe all that was contained in that one short life except to say we were truly blessed each day Wade was with us. You were “our gift” Wade, and your love will have a home in our hearts forever.

Wayne and Sandra Rafferty


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