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Name:  Warrior
Tag No:  3982
Race Name:  R Painted Warrior
Born:  March 5, 1994
Went to the Rainbow Bridge on July 10, 2009
Dearly missed by Sara Spears


It is with a very heavy heart that I said goodbye to Warrior this morning - the Pee King of the Greyhound world. Many of you will remember all the stories about him. For one solid year he peed on everything - everything! From the walls, to the wall plugs, to the stereo speakers, to the furniture, bookcases - everything was his! When Petco in Covington had their grand opening, he peed on every end cap - I had my own personal cleanup person. Do you remember when he peed in the 5 gallon bucket of paint when I was painting the house?

The only time he ever dug was when I was trying to put in a small patio, and the dirt was like cement. He dug up the area I was working in, then laid down in it. I put the pavers all around him, lifting his head, a leg, moving his body a bit.

Through it all, he was my best booth dog - leaned on everyone, and they all wanted to take him home. They would take a step away to leave, and he would step towards them and lean again. He thought all animals were his friend and happily greeted each and every one.

He had a stubborn streak that some of you had a taste of - would not go the same way twice, so I had to be creative on how to get him back home or to the car. Given the opportunity to see the world, he was off like a shot! He was sure there was something he needed to check out, just around the next corner. Gave me a few small heart attacks! Even last year, when at a friend’s house, he had lots of time to wander her yard and smell and mark everything there was. After about three hours I took up the leash and told him it was time to go home. He turned and looked at me, tossed his head and said "In your dreams, lady!", and trotted off as fast as his old legs would take him.

I’m glad I kept working with him, after he had his stroke, as he had a wonderful time at our CDA Picnic and Fundraiser in June, meeting everyone, and every dog. Checking out the items for auction and sale. When it was time to head back to the motorhome, he wasn’t ready, as he was having such a good time socializing, so I had to go a different way.

What an inspiration he has been to me. I learned a lot from him - how to take life one step at a time. All the aches and pains are a part of living. Just look forward to what is ahead, not behind, and never feel sorry for yourself. Life is definitely an adventure to be savored at all times. This he taught me. I loved my R Painted Warrior! He rescued me!


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