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This page was updated on November 8, 2015
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Come and meet our Special Needs Dogs. We call these Special Needs Dogs because they need extra care and are not listed with the regular available dogs for one of the following reasons:

- They have medical needs that we are addressing and won’t be released for adoption until we feel the dog’s medical needs are under control.

- They have behavioral or training needs above and beyond that which many adopters can handle. These dogs generally are only suitable for experienced adopters or those with a very specific home environment.

In the meantime these Special Needs dogs incur much higher expenses than the average dog placed through our organization. If you can’t adopt a dog and you’d like to help, please sponsor one of our “Special Needs Dogs”. Your sponsorship donation will help defray the costs involved in caring for these Special Needs dogs. donatenowlogo4.gif (3071 bytes)

Read about these wonderful dogs and share in their stories.

 At this time, we do not have any Special Needs dogs. 

Special needs contact:  Moira Corrigan - 206-718-0475

A note regarding email - If you have not received an email reply from us within 24 hours, please check your spam filter for our reply.  If it is not there, resend your message then call the person you're trying to contact to let them know that a message is forthcoming.  We do not want to miss hearing from you.



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