Forever Fosters

Forever Fosters Program

Our Forever Foster homes consist of experienced volunteers and greyhound owners who provide shelter to greyhounds in their own homes giving them tender loving care, transport to vet appointments, grooming and anything else they might need while they are in our system. GPI pays for all medical care and food while the dogs are with us.

Most dogs that are “Forever Fosters” are dogs that are seniors who have been in our system for a while, sometimes years, or dogs that have special needs above and beyond what many adopters can handle.  Most “Forever Fosters” are available for adoption, but generally they are only suitable for experienced adopters or those with a very specific home environment.

If you can't adopt a dog and you'd like to help, please sponsor one of our “Forever Fosters”. Your sponsorship donation will help defray the costs involved in making our Forever Fosters comfortable.

If you're interested in adopting one of these dogs, please contact us.

Our “Forever Fosters” are listed below.  They are surrounded by people who love them and are cared for well.

Our Forever Fosters



Tag No: 5811
Registered Name:  Mohican Damalis

Update: October 19, 2021

If you have been around GPI for a while you know Demi - one of our Forever Fosters. Demi was a beautiful white and brindle girl that came to GPI on September 26, 2015 from Florida after running over 70 races in West Palm Beach and Birmingham.

In January 2016 she was diagnosed with lymphoma and underwent chemotherapy.  In February 2016 she moved to a forever foster home as she underwent treatment. Over time Demi's lymphoma went into remission and Demi lived a loving, wonderful life with her foster family. A few weeks ago she developed some complications and fast growing tumors. Sadly Demi went to the Rainbow Bridge this morning.

Always delightful and fun, no-one could resist Demi's charms. Demi was a beautiful, fun, playful girl. Thank you to her foster mom who gave her a wonderful, loving home.

Run free sweet girl - you will be missed by many.

Sponsored by Janet & Ronald Foster
Sponsored by Elizabeth L Mason - For Demi's medical care
Sponsored by Charles W Rosebrook - In honor of Samantha La Flam
Sponsored by Joann Lictenstein - My husband is fighting lymphoma also. Give Demi a hug for us, and know she is in our prayers. As a former GPI dog, our Jasmine is sending support too.
Sponsored by Kathleen Elder - This donation is in the name of Peggy Soltis.
Sponsored by Paul J or Adrienne S Forrest - To celebrate Mike Forrest's Birthday !!!!!



Tag No: 5580
Registered Name: None
Breed: Greyhound
Date of Birth: Approx. 2008
Color: White/Black
Cat Trainable: No
Dog Friendly: No
Kid Friendly: No
Location: Foster home

Comments: Venti is a quiet, friendly girl once she knows you. She is playful and too darn cute with the toys. She is quite the leaner once she chooses you to be part of her fan club. Venti did not come from the US racing circuit, but is definitely a greyhound. Venti absolutely loves the toys and will chase a ball and bring it back to you. She is a fun, upbeat girl. Venti is affectionate and loving once she is comfortable with you. Venti enjoys her time with her Fan Club and is affectionately called the Queen. Venti is one of our Forever Fosters.

Sponsored by Joanne & Doug Zbetnoff
Sponsored by Bob and Lea Ann Morris




Tag No: 6545
Registered Name: None
Breed: Greyhound mix
Date of Birth: Approx. October 2013
Color: Black
Cat Trainable: No
Dog Friendly: OK with greyhounds
Kid Friendly: No
Location: Foster home

Comments: Max is the most darling gentleman.  He came to us from the United Arab Emirates.  At first he was very shut down and had a number of health concerns.  In his Forever Foster Home he has blossomed, overcome his health concerns, and now he couldn't be more loving, playful and delightful!!  Max loves to run with his family's other greyhound and neighbor dogs.  He is a happy boy!




Tag No: 5558
Registered Name: Atascocita Dino
Breed: Greyhound
Date of Birth:  May 19, 2011
Color: Fawn
Cat Trainable: No
Dog Friendly: See Comments
Kid Friendly: No
Location: Foster home
Comments:   Dino is a gentle, sweet, older gentleman.  He loves his walks with our volunteers.  Dino has lived in a home before and was returned for some issues that we are happy to discuss and fully disclose to potential adopters.  Since he has been back with us, he has had a much needed dental (so his mouth feels sooooo much better), been started on some meds, and been going on walks with our volunteers, and hanging out in our dog park with our volunteers.  He loves to run in the dog park and has been a gentle, mellow guy.  We feel he would do best in a quieter, dog experienced home with a fenced yard.  Children make him nervous, so a home without children would be best. March 2021 Update: Dino has been diagnosed with kidney disease. He is in a wonderful forever foster home where he is being well cared for in his remaining days/months.
June 18,2021: Dino has sadly succumbed to his kidney disease and passed to the Rainbow Bridge. We want to thank his wonderful foster mom for loving him in his final months and giving him a soft, loving home in his final days. Run free sweet, handsome Dino!

Sponsored by Sharon Fitzgerald
Sponsored by Ethan Mayer
Sponsored by Julie Beucherie
Sponsored by Michele Liburdy




Tag No: 5680
Registered Name: O Ya Bill
Breed: Greyhound
Date of Birth: September 2, 2011
Color: Fawn
Cat Friendly: No
Dog Friendly: Ok with greyhounds, unknown with other
Kid Friendly: No
Location: Foster Home
Comments: Bill is a handsome boy. Bill will need a quieter home without children or cats. Once Bill is comfortable with you he is affectionate, delightful and playful. He prefers women to men. He is not a dog for the first time dog owner. He is eager to please and learns quickly. Bill loves walks and car rides. He will need a home with another dog. Foster Home Update: Bill is a delight around the house. He loves our daily walks and can't wait to go. He is calm around the house, but there are also those delightful, playful moments where he pulls the toys out and he is spinning around the family room playing. He is not a dog for the first time dog owner, and you need to know when to push and when not to with this boy, but once Bill knows you and is comfortable, he is very affectionate and eager to please.

Sponsored by Bunny and Jack Richardson

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