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Tick Testing Clinic @ Hern Greyt Works
Jun 5 @ 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

It’s that time again, less than one month away!
What: Early Summer Low-Cost Tick Disease Testing Clinic
When: Sunday, June 5, 2022
Deadline to Register: Wednesday, June 1st

We are conducting an Early Summer Low-Cost Tick Disease Testing Clinic on Sunday afternoon, June 5th, at the Hern Greyt Works (Kennel) in Woodinville.

Obviously, we will again be doing this clinic by following the current protocols used by Veterinary clinics.
We are restricting access to the Kennel building. As before, you will be required to register and pay online. In addition, you must secure an appointment slot. If you’ve already tested your dog but want to help fund testing for our available dogs at the GPI Kennel, please donate. Any amount is very appreciated. If any of the dogs test positive and the consulting Veterinarian recommend a treatment, the dog will be treated before being adopted.

Please arrive at your scheduled time and follow the GPI Volunteer’s instruction on where to wait. You and your dog will remain in the car (please wear your face masks) until a GPI volunteer meets you at your car to receive your dog. Our wonderful GPI volunteer Veterinarians will be drawing the blood inside our building and once your dog’s blood is drawn, our GPI volunteer will return your dog back to you.

Our volunteer, Bev Mitchell, has set up the links below to sign up if you want your dog to be tested on Sunday, June 5th.
If your dog had a past positive to the Babesia Canis or any other Tick Borne Diseases, this will be a good opportunity to do a PCR test.

Please start here and read this page completely:
Main link to the Tick Clinic Collection of products:

You’ll need to complete both Step 1 and Step 2 for each dog your are testing. Please choose the earliest arrival time available.
Step 1 (to choose the arrival time):

Step 2 (same as the main link, just click then scroll down to the bottom of this page to choose the test you want):

** Please note you need to make sure you have both items (arrival time and test type) in the cart when you complete you order/registration. Also, please make sure that you physically type the dog’s name, age, gender and GPI tag # (if known) into the text box just above the “Add to Cart” button.

To donate to an available dog at the GPI kennel:

Everything can be done in one transaction, even if you are registering multiple dogs for the clinic.
This video was made for another event, but the way to add multiple items to your cart works the same.

Online Registration & Payment Problems: Contact Bev Mitchell at [email protected] or 425-891-1239. Please don’t hesitate to call (or email) if you need assistance registering.
Concerns or questions regarding Tick Clinic: Yumi at [email protected] or 206-963-7913

Deadline to sign-up is Wednesday, June 1st.
Thank you for tick testing your dogs.
Bev & Yumi

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