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Sponsor a Kennel Run

Sponsor a Kennel Run at GPI

A bright brushed gold finished Racer in stretch flight pose mounted on a plaque is waiting to be engraved to your specifications. After display for one year on a kennel run you select, you may renew your run sponsorship. If you choose to not renew, your Golden Racer will be presented to you as a keepsake.

Kennel Run Sponsor Plaque

A one year sponsorship is available for a minimum donation of $500.00. Kennel run sponsorships directly support greyhound care and housing. Anyone or any group can sponsor a kennel run - groups, organizations, clubs, churches, troops, tribes, and businesses are welcomed to sponsor a run.

To get started with your run sponsorship:

1.           Click the "Sponsor A Run" button below

2.           In the comments field, enter the run number you would like to sponsor along with the text for your desired engraving.

We will be in touch with you for further details.


If you prefer to make your sponsorship donation by check, make your check out to "GPI" or "Greyhound Pets, Inc." and mail it with your preferred run number and engraving details to: Greyhound Pets, Inc., PO Box 891, Woodinville, WA 98072 USA.

Thank you for considering sponsoring a kennel run at the Hern Greyt Works!

Kennel Run Sponsors

The following donors are presently sponsoring runs at Hern Greyt Works, our kennel:

Current Kennel Sponsors

Run Number Sponsor Name Engraving Original Donation Date
1 Forever Run John Hern, Jr. Founder of Greyhound Pets, Inc. 1985
2 Sue Curtis In Loving Memory of Les Curtis, Sue Curtis Since 2008
3 Sponsor Me >
4 Kim Shine In loving memory of Tyson Since 2015
5 Sponsor Me >
6 Sponsor Me >
7 Sponsor Me >
8 Pat Cattolico In Memory of Dixie
Loved by her GPI Family
Since 2018
9 Sponsor Me >
10 Sponsor Me >
11 Kathy Kreyling Honoring Sophie Since 2013
12 Sponsor Me >
13 Matthew & Cathy Tedesco This run sponsored by Knight & Bishop Tedesco Since 2013
14 Sponsor Me >
15 Sponsor Me >
16 Sponsor Me >
17 Sponsor Me >
18 Rick & Cindy Glover Rick and Cindy Glover and all of Greyhound Nation Since 2012
19 Sponsor Me >
20 Sponsor Me >
21 Sponsor Me >
22 Martha Faulkner In Honor of Our Sweet Boy JoJo Since 2018
23 Svanhild Castner Svanee's Foundation Since 2014
24 Sponsor Me >
25 Cathy Munro "In Memory of our Jack" - The Munro Family Since 2014
26 Sponsor Me >
27 Nancy Hamilton In Honor of Donny from Nancy & Bill Since 2019
28 Sponsor Me >
29 Sue Curtis To Honor Kermit From those who loved him Since 2008
30 Ann Moody IMP Bella Imphal xoxo Since 2011
31 Sponsor Me >
32 Sponsor Me >
33 Sponsor Me >
34 Sponsor Me >
35 Clarke Family Foundation To continuing the adventures of Patrick J and Brenda J. Clarke -- Clarke Family Foundation Since 2017
36 Brenda Clarke In Memory of Pat Clarke Since 2017
37 Brenda Clarke In Honour of Moira Since 2017
Greyhound Pets, Inc. ~ PO Box 891, Woodinville, WA 98072 ~ 877.468.7681